The start screen of Color Tap app showing the different templates you can start coloring.

A delightful color by numbers app for kids

Do you have kids who’ve been on relay races between freemium apps - all which display ads that send them from app to app to app to app? Yeah, we’ve had that too. And the kids just want to color some nice artwork.

Color Tap is a beautiful, simple and delightful color by numbers experience that is designed to be a safe space for kids to explore hundreds of pixel art pieces.

There won’t be any distractions from the coloring experience with pleas of in-app purchases or us trying to sell you an expensive subscription. There won’t be malicious ads littered in the app or tracking of you or your childs activity in Color Tap.

We care about privacy, therefore Color Tap is not using any third party analytics. In fact, we’re not even fetching any content online. All of the artwork is bundled within the app and instantly available after installation. Since everything is bundled in the app, it will work great with offline use.

We want parents to know that Color Tap is a safe and fun app for their kids to spend time with.

Simplicity & delightfulness

The idea of a coloring app isn’t new at all - there’s a lot of them out there with variations of features and coloring themes. The inspiration of the simplicity and delightfulness of Color Tap was primarily drawn from one of us that is a parent to child within the autism spectrum.

Children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) all have their individual challenges that they struggle with, everything from focusing on tasks to understanding concepts, motor functions and behavioral patterns.

We wanted the painting experience in the app to be as simple as possible, without having the options of different kinds of brushes or even brush sizes. The size of the area you are painting is always the touch area of your finger and the zoom level of the artwork dictates how much of the artwork you are painting.

Although a subscription or freemium model is great for lots of apps, they can also be difficult to explain to a child and especially a child with ASD. They can for instance have a hard time grasping why they can’t color a certain piece of artwork if it’s right there - visible in the app - but behind a paywall. Or why a certain artwork all of the sudden isn’t available anymore due to a subscription has ended.

Color Tap is free with all content available directly with the download.

User testing & privacy

For sake of privacy, we’ve also chosen to not have any third party analytics. We won’t base design and business decisions on usage data, instead we will base it on feedback and user testing instead - just as we did during the development process.

We enlisted friends and family to try out the app together with their kids and got massive amount of feedback.

Not only did we fine tune the experience based on the several test pilots interactions with the app, we also discovered that even parents enjoy the relaxation and satisfaction Color Tap delivers.

A child is holding an iPhone and are testing the Color Tap app
Tiny test pilot helping out
Daniel Feldt
Daniel Grönlund
Johannes Fridd

Design, development & sound

Designed and developed by three Swedes. Daniel Grönlund has 10+ years of experience developing for iOS. His work includes the biggest real estate app in Sweden, Hemnet, as well as Spotify. He is also responsible for the colorful and captivating casual bike race game Rad Trails.

Daniel Feldt is a UI/UX designer with 20 years experience of designing digital products. He’s worked with brands such as Minecraft, Reason Studios, Aftonbladet and Hemnet. He met the third member of the group, Johannes Fridd, while they worked together at Mojang on the world’s most sold game, Minecraft. With a career in product management and a passion for all things audio, Johannes contributed with product design, music, and sound design.

Between the talents of the three of us and our shared interest in UX, we believe we have what it takes to build a delightful product. We’ve put extra care and effort into designing interactions that feel playful through visuals, animation and sound design.

Details matter to us and it is reflected in Color Tap. Whether it be the sploshy feeling of painting a pixel, the celebratory confetti, or two versions of the same soundtrack, one for headphones and one without.

You should try Color Tap. We kinda dig it - and we hope you and your kids dig it too.

Illustration of Bucket in walkng animation.